Saturday, June 24, 2006

Life Goes On

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Did you wake up on Wednesday morning? Thursday? Friday? Saturday? How'd you feel? I'm willing to bet you felt about the same as you did every morning after November 1, 2005 (obviously not the exact same since I know I have a drinking audience). Well, the Mavs lost in the NBA Finals. And we are all still going about our lives. It's pretty interesting if you think about it.

The city of Dallas got Mavs fever. Every dinner conversation was about the Mavs, people were selling Mavs T-Shirts at an insane premium, and the roads were empty between the hours of 8-11 on game nights. The Mavs consumed Dallas. And now that it's over, everything is back to normal, just like that. Do you know why that is? Because the only people who are truly affected by a Mavs victory or loss are part of the team. Whether it's players, coaches, or staff, those are the people whose lives are changed now that the Mavs are off. And you could argue mine is because I won't be writing this blog as much until the season begins. But let's be real, the season is over, and we barely noticed.

I used to be jealous of a city like Boston whose sports fans were so diehard that it took them a week to recover from the Red Sox being eliminated, but after reflection in these playoffs, I enjoy being around Mavs fans who don't take losses that hard. Do you know what it took me to recover from Game 6? 5 Beers. That's it. I didn't go on a binge starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday and ending on Sunday morning, I didn't sit in my room with the lights off watching old Mavs games while cleaning my gun, and I certainly didn't go out looking for fights. Nope, I licked my wounds, got up the next morning, and started preparing myself for the next phase of my summer.

A job.

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