Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's Prove 'Em Right

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Mavs up 2-0. They won each game by double digits. Game 2 was never in doubt after Stack made his grand re-entrance into relevancy. As Mavs fans, we should be happy; everyone is writing off the Heat, much the same way the Mavs have been written off for the past 25 years, more notably in the past 5. But as Mavs fans, we know one thing...

It's not over yet. How many times have the Mavs been written off and proved the critics wrong? Let's count the times in the past 5 years since the resurrection.

2001: Down 0-2 to Utah, the Mavs come roaring back to force Game 5. Then down 17 in Game 5, the announcers were talking about the Jazz/Spurs series upcoming. I guess Calvin Booth wasn't listening since he made the game-winning basket.

2003: Mavs blow 3-0 lead to Blazers, and most analysts didn't think the Mavs could gut out a victory to stop the bleeding. But they did. No love, though, after a Game 1 loss to the Kings the next series, especially since Kings owned Mavs last year and throughout the regular season. And then the Mavs won in 7.

2005: After drawing the Rockets in round 1, Rockets became hot upset pick in the first round. When the Mavs dropped first two games of series at home, I think I was among six people in the world who truly believed the Mavs would win the series. Does a 20-0 run in Game 3 ring a bell? Cap it off with a 116-76 smackdown.

2006: Mavs blow 3-1 lead to Spurs and head to San Antonio for Game 7. No one thought the Mavs could regroup. But they forgot one thing. It's the Mavericks. We know what happened in that game.

If you asked me what the Mavs do best, I would answer that They prove everyone wrong. They even proved my Dad wrong last night, twice. The first time when he said that he didn't like the way the game was going after the first quarter. In the 3rd quarter, he said that the Heat couldn't even make the game interesting. And that's my Dad. If you ask him, he's never wrong.

Well, for once, how about these Mavs prove everyone right. People are saying American Airlines Center saw its last Mavs game of the season last night. People are saying Shaq is D-U-N, DONE. People are saying the Heat are simply overmatched. Yeah, that could all be true, but we still haven't seen a game in Miami where the Heat are significantly better.

I have always preached about the importance of Game 3's. This game will tell us the direction of the series. If the Mavs win, it would take a catastrophic collapse to let the Finals get away (though not impossible). If the Heat win, they are only down 2-1. So it's time for the Mavs to listen to the radio and watch ESPN and don't take to heart what everyone is saying because we have seen too many times that they try to prove those guys wrong. The only problem that this time, they're right.

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