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Jack Bauer Wears #41

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In case this ridiculous blog hasn't tipped you off, I absolutely Love these Dallas Mavericks. And if the title didn't give you a hint, I am about to bestow the greatest honor on the Mavs.

A comparison of the team to CTU, the fictional anti-terrorist organization on "24"

To me, it's crystal clear. Let's see if I can prove it to you, the common reader.

Here's how CTU works: Jack Bauer is their best agent, and he consistently gets results. Whether he's interrogating a terrorist by shooting him in the knee-cap to find out where the Secretary of Defense is being held hostage or becomes addicted to heroine to keep his cover in a Mexican drug cartel, Jack Bauer knows what to do to get the job done. But he does not act alone. The wokers at CTU do a great job of backing Jack up. There's Tony Almeida who is Jack's #2, and more importantly, he is the second biggest badass at CTU (he did get shot in the neck and came back to work 4 hours later in Season 3). Tony's wife, Michelle, has always helped save the world by revealing moles inside CTU or helping Jack when he goes rogue. In Season 3, Jack had a partner named Chase who got his hand chopped off to save LA. There have been numerous computer analysts who have helped along the way like Chloe, Edgar, Adam, and Milo. I didn't forget about the imposing black bruiser, Curtis, who could probably bounce a bullet off his chest. And of course, there is President Palmer, the level-headed leader of the free world.

(Note: I have not watched Season 5 yet, as I am waiting for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it all at once)

So how does this compare to the Mavericks? Well, unfortunately, I have not had the time in my busy summer to compare each Mav to a different CTU employee. But the obviousness lies in Dirk is the Mavs' Jack Bauer. If you want to stop CTU, you stop Jack Bauer just as you would if you were playing against the Mavs. But here's the thing about stopping CTU. Everytime Jack is helpless because he is either in deep cover or has to go off the map to stop the terrorists, his co-workers come through for him in the clutch, even under the most dire circumstances, like Tony jumping out of a hospital bed with a bullet lodged in his neck to save Jack's cover in Mexico. Or Michelle giving Jack a play-by-play of infrared satellite while he's running an off the books operation.

So what happens when Dirk has an off-night? He has Howard, JET, 'Quis, and even Stack to help him get out of his funk by keeping the Mavs in the game. The best thing about the Mavs is that the other guys put Dirk in a position to be great, just as everyone at CTU puts Jack in a position to be great. Where would Jack be without Tony, Michelle, Chloe, and President Palmer? And where would Dirk be without Howard, JET, Stack, and Avery?

Dirk and Jack Bauer may dominate their profession, but it's their co-workers who give them those domination opportunities. And they seize their moments.

But what about the moles that always seem to inflitrate CTU? My cousin, Dave, gave me two words to complete the comparison, Antoine Walker. That guy tried to ruin the Mavs, but they flushed the mole out and sent him to prison (AKA the Atlanta Hawks). Well, he broke out of prison and faces them in the Finals. And it's up to the Mavs to exact revenge.

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