Monday, June 05, 2006

How Sweet It Is?

Game 6. In Phoenix. Was there ever any doubt? Honestly, were you ever worried that the Mavs would lose Game 6 and any momentum and come home with mounds of pressure to knock off their former teammate? Ha, me neither! Not when the Suns were scoring at will. Not when the Mavs couldn't hit a shot. Not when JET and Devin got into foul trouble. Nope, not me. I was cool as a cucumber. You wouldn't have walked in the room seeing me try every superstition I could think of, including putting a sheet over my head so I couldn't see a damn thing. And yet the Mavs were still down by 12 at the half. The turning point of the game wasn't the Suns' third quarter foul trouble or JET going en fuego all over USAirways Center. Nope, on the other side of the country, in Philadelphia, the game turned around.

Ya see, I was watching the game with my buddy, Brett, while visiting him in Philly. When the score hit 60-45, Brett promptly got up and said, "I can't take this &#%$. I'm going to the bathroom." Let's just say that, well, extenuating circumstances kept him in the bathroom for longer than intended. By the time he came back, the Suns were in foul trouble, and Terry was playing JETball. The score was 66-62, and the Mavs were back. As Ryan put it after the game, "Brett took one for the team."

Am I that stupid to chalk up a trip to the NBA Finals to my friend in Philadelphia? Not even close. But you also don't see me writing a post about how far the Mavs come in their history, or at least in the history that I vividly remember (AKA anything after Jan. 1, 1995). I was sorely disappointed when I opened up the Morning News this afternoon and saw the feature about how great a trip to the Finals is for fans. May be I missed something, but the goal for the Mavs this season was to win a title. Yeah, it's fun to celebrate, but the job's not done yet. The job wasn't done after making it over the hump and beating the Spurs, and it's not done now. If the Mavs were to go lay an egg and get swept in 4, would we look back and smile on this season Of course not. And we would feel the same way if the Mavs were to lose in a heartbreaker in Game 7.

The point is that we, as fans, should be happy the Mavs are in the Finals, but be mindful that this is not the ultimate place to be. Players and coaches find out about what's said on talk radio, and they read the paper. We, as fans, have a responsibilty, albeit a small one, to let the team know that this was expected. Are we happy that the Mavs are in the finals? Absolutely. Are we gonna give them a free ride if they lose? Absolutely Not.

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Lacher said...

Ryan asked me to take on for the team this thurs, except for the entire game.