Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Nevada Refinance

In case you just got out of solitary confinement (I know I have a big prison following), the Mavs are in Game 6. They are down 3-2. And they have the next two games at home. Let's break this thing down in question format.

Can Miami win Game 6 in Dallas?

Yes. They can win any game by having the best player on the court in Dwyane Wade. They have Shaq. They have hungry veterans. They have all the components that propelled them to their last 3 wins. So they can win Game 6. Dallas is not a lock to win tonight despite the 6 point line.

If the Mavs lose tonight, should we blame the sereis on Josh Howard, Joe DeRosa, or David Stern?

Trick Question! None of the above. And here's why we can't blame each person:

Josh: He made the inverse Chris Webber mistake. He flat out &%$#ed up. I've heard people say you can blame Avery for not bringing Josh or another player over to the sideline, but I'd blame Josh for the gaff. But I wouldn't blame him for the series. He didn't lose Game 5 for the Mavs, the Mavs lost Game 5 by not stopping the only productive Heat player.

Joe DeRosa: I may hate the guy, but I've said it before many times on this website that I'd never blame a single game on officials. The Mavs were put in an unfavorable position by DeRosa, but they could have won it. Not after all the hoopla, but before. There were missed free throws late and poor shot selection early. The bad reffing was just the nail in the coffin. But could the Mavs have won the game in 1.9 seconds considering their bad play calling in crunchtime since the Spurs series? Possibly. Bottom line: the Mavs lost. Time to move on.

David Stern: I've seen two interviews with him today, and he looked beaten. He appeared to be legtimiately upset with all the craziness going on. There are no conspiracies going on in the NBA. Why would Stern want the Heat to win more than the Mavs? Dallas is a bigger city and has a white superstar with a black coach. They have the NFL's dream team, but they're in the NBA. Stern isn't rigging anything. It's just bad luck.

What should we expect from Stack?

Do you remember Terry in Game 7 of the Spurs series? Coming off a suspension, Terry played an absolutely monster game. Stack could put his name in NBA lore by coming out with a HUGE game. Or he could implant himself in mediocrity. It's up to Stack. Personally, I think he'll be legendary.

How are the officials going to be tonight?

Dallas will get the benefit of the doubt on most calls for two reasons. One is that they are at home. Refs are invariably influenced by a raucous crowd, and they feel better putting their hands in the direction of the home team. That's not to say the Mavs will get every call. But luck will be on their side tonight.

Will Dirk ever break out?

People questioned Dirk after Game 4 of the Suns series. And look what he did in Game 5. Dirk will come out throwing haymakers. Dropping bombs. And sticking his tongue out.

Who, besides the top 4, needs to step up?

I'd like to see Devin take players off the dribble and draw contact on Shaq. It's the Finals! Give up your body! I'd also like to see Damp and Diop to block a few shots. Most of all, I want KVH to hit one 3-pointer. Just ONE!

What's going to happen?

The free throw discrepancy will not be as big as it has in the past few games unless the Hack-A-Shaq is used (don't count that out). Dirk and Stack should play well. And the Mavs will double Wade randomly throughout the game.

Why are the Mavs going to win?

Look at the organization minus Avery and Cuban. Everyone is calm, cool, and collected. These guys know they made mistakes that cost them two games. They are taking accountability for it, too. I'm not saying Avery and Cuban are wrong, but the players have channelled anger that will spillover into the arena for Game 6.

Dirk drops 40.

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