Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Team Does Jerry Stackhouse Play For?

There has been a disturbing trend throughout these playoffs. In case the title hasn't tipped you off, it is the erratic play of one Jerry Stackhouse. He had two absolutely critical mistake in the Spurs series, one cost a game, the other nearly did. Of course, I am talking about Game 1 not driving to the basket and Game 3 purposely missing the free throw when it was unecessary. And yes, he played well in Game 7, but that was retribution for all the poor fade-aways he was taking throughout the entire series. Then the Western Conference Finals began.

Looking at the box scores for both games doesn't do his poor play justice.
13.5 PPG 5.5 RPG 2.5 APG .500 FG% and 3 Turnovers per Game
With numbers like that, you wouldn't think he's playing poorly. That's average. If Marquis put up numbers like that, then we'd say he's been playing pretty well. The problem is Stack isn't Marquis. He's supposed to be like a starter but off the bench. He's supposed to be clutch. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING TO THE BASKET ON THE SUNS PISS POOR INTERIOR DEFENSE. He's none of those things. Unfortunately.

Stack has reached the point in my world where I wish he weren't in the game. When he is in the game, I cringe everytime he touches the ball. It's depressing. He's such a vital part of the team, and me, one of the Mavs' biggest fans, cannot stand him. I feel more comfortable with Marquis Daniels out there. Stack could be scoring 25 points per game, but his turnovers seem to happen at the wrong time. He takes shots that he has no business taking (like mid-range fade-aways!). The Mavs need him but without the boneheaded plays.

According to me, he was one of the Mavs keys to winning the series. Then again, everything I said in that Western Conference Finals previews has turned out wrong. Damp was a DNP CD in Game 2, KVH can't buy a basket, Devin Harris has yet to adjust to a slow pace, and worst of all, Stack hasn't brought any of the intangibles the team needs from him. And yet, the Mavs are still in position to win the series.

So is this an indictment on my crappy analysis? Or are the Mavs in trouble? I'm gonna go with A. Using Damp as an offensive option is not feasible because the Suns are just too damn fast. KVH is playing like, well, KVH. Devin did slow it down in Game 2 but only slightly. Stack (shuddering).

Where am I going with this? I'll spell it out. Stack needs to instill fear in the Suns. It seems like the Suns are waiting for him to get the ball, and then they all pounce. And Stack buckles under the pressure. It's about time for him to split defenders and dunk the crap out of the ball or let the defenders collapse on him and find the open man.

I'd like to have the confidence he can do it. I just want to see it.

Mavs win Game 3 if Stack gives me the confidence I've been talking about.
I'd hate to jinx it, but I think he will.

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