Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What is the Correct Way to Hold a Broom?

With a couple minutes left in the game on Monday night, my buddy Jim came in my room to see how the Mavs were doing? I made two fists and put one on top of the other and made a movement that can only be described as like churning butter. He then showed me the proper way to use a broom. Some could blame my lack of knowledge in the household cleaning area on the fact that sweeping has never been a part of my household responsibilities (mowing the lawn, washing the cars, steaming the carpets, and cleaning our skylights however were). No, I never learned how to sweep because the Mavs never have swept a 7 game series, ever. Anyone who brought the brooms out for the three game sweep over the Garnetts in 2002 should feel ashamed. Beating a team 3 times in a row is tough but expected. Beating a team 4 times in a row, especially the 4th best team in the conference and one of the hottest coming into the playoffs is something to be proud of. So I tried the sweep, and it didn't work. Good thing the Mavs knew how to do the real thing.

As for the rest of the playoffs, here's what I would look for...

'Bron 'Bron to go 'Bron 'Bron on Washington tonight in game 5. But there's something in the back of my mind telling me that Washington wins the series. Watching them play, they look so much more talented with Arenas, Jamison, Butler, and my one time Rookie of the Year pick, Antonio Daniels!

Dwyane Wade proved last night why he, to me, is the best player in the league. Neither Kobe nor Lebron would come back from a fall like that and still contribute. Could you imagine the Bulls huddle when they saw Wade coming back? Scott Skiles was probably yelling his head off, and then Tyson Chandler elbows Hinrich and points out Wade, and they stare with a glazed look. The rest of the team looks at what the two are looking at. Ben Gordon starts cursing. Nocioni thinks of how Ginobili would react and do that. And Michael Sweetney orders a hot dog. Yes, Dwyane Wade is so powerful that he can send a fat man, Sweetney, into an eating binge DURING and NBA game that he's playing in. Bulls are done.

Could Kobe's 60 point game be coming? With Raja Bell likely suspended, and the Lakers playing in Staples, it could happen. Add on the ejection last night, and we've got ourselves a Kobe show for Game 6. I Hate the Suns.

Since I've been wrong about the other series for the past two weeks, I'll just say this: If the Kings win, there will be a Game 7.

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