Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rejoice... For Now

We all should have seen this coming. Not the win. But the microcosm Game 7 was to the entire series. We can break it down pretty easily.

Mavs jump out to big lead thanks to a fast-paced offense, catching fire, and a few lucky breaks. Spurs begin to chip away and start getting some luck their way as well. At the end, the whole thing is tied, but the Spurs just didn't have the legs to finish it out. The first four quarters of the game were just like the rest of the series, but overtime made the teams show their true colors. Not to smite the Spurs (after all, I always contended that they were the best team in the league until they were beat), but it wasn't even close in overtime. The Mavs had the fire that the Spurs couldn't extinguish. Of course, it didn't help them that Tim Duncan finally gave out. Bottom line, the best team won.

Hopefully, I dedicate an entire post on this subject, but I will mention it right now. I almost feel bad for Michael Finley. He was unceremoniously dumped by the Mavs and then beat by them. He deserves a title. Just not with the Spurs. I prayed that he would sign with Miami, but he made his choice to switch over to the darkside. The reason why the Mavs got rid of him was because we had a better do-it-all scoring guard in Stack once that amnesty clause came about. And my friend Ryan brought up the point of how ironic it was that Stack was the one who played perfect defense on Finley's final chance three at the end of OT. Good guy. Wrong team.

One final thing about the game. People are hating on the Mavs for blowing a 20-point lead, but that was not the case at all. They were up by 20 at one point, but that was thanks to 80% shooting. The Mavs couldn't do that against the Knicks, let alone the Spurs. They were going to come back down to Earth, the only thing we could do was hope that the impact wouldn't jar the team. Thankfully, it didn't.

And once fighting on even footing, the Mavs survived a broken nose and ultimately won.

Quickly about the Pistons/Heat series. The Heat, particularly Shaq and Wade, will destroy the Piston's "team." Actually, Flip Saunders will destroy the team, but his destruction of the team will be based off reaction from Shaq and Wade. Heat in 6.

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Lacher said...

I will rejoice with a six pack for tonights game vs the Suns. You better be as well.