Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pull The Trigger!

How weird does this sound? I hope the Mavs are nothing like the Lakers. Re-read it and think about Magic, Kareem, West, Wilt, Baylor, Kobe, and Shaq. Then think about Khalid Reeves, Cedric Ceballos, Chris Gatling, Cherokee Parks, Samaki Walker, and my personal favorite, Erick Strickland. But it's 2006, and the Lakers blew a 3-1 series lead by taking game 5 off with a "happy to be up" mentality. The Mavs can't let that happen.

This series is far from over. The Mavs are playing the defending champions. That may not mean much to some, but these guys know how to win, even when down 1-3. They've proved it time and time again, so it is imperative for the Mavs win game 5. Any momentum the Spurs get will be exponentially harmful to the Mavs. Here's what I liken this game 5 to...

In James Bond movies, Bond always gets captured. His nemesis (Goldfinger, Blofeld, whomever) ALWAYS wastes enough time telling 007 the plan to destroy the world that Bond finds a way to get out of the situation and thwart the plan. Right now, the Mavs have beat the Spurs up, tied them to a chair, and have a gun to their collective head. All they have to do is pull the trigger and not waste time telling the Spurs their plan to go on to the Western Conference Finals. I'm a huge Bond fan, but I just never understood why he wasn't just killed. Here's the Mavs' chance to correct Fleming and Broccoli's plot flaw.

Easier said that done. But the position the Mavs are in is one that Mark Cuban couldn't have dreamed up while swimming in his Scrooge McDuck coin pool. Up 3-1 on the Spurs! The Mavs of yore (3 years ago) couldn't get past the Kings, and the biggest lead they had over them was one game. Now, it's two with a chance to put it away.

Don't dilly dally, guys. Finish the job and get on with your mission.

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Lacher said...

Love the bond analogy.