Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Didn't See That One Coming

I said the Mavs would win in a nail-biter. Despite the 21 point win, it was a nail-biter. I would get nervous everytime the Spurs got the ball. I didn't want them to score, ever. Every basket made me think the Spurs were going on a run. That's just how much I respect the Spurs. No lead is safe to me.

But the Mavs were impressive. They built a big lead while Duncan was sitting, and they answered every basket with another one. Although I did get nervous when Brent Barry hit that three to get it within 14. But that's the closest the Spurs ever got. That wasn't the most impressive part about the game.

How about the Spurs' last lead of the game? 1-0. That's right. The Mavs went on a 113-90 run to end the game. They had an 11 point lead in the first quarter. The Mavs lost a close, winnable game on Saturday, losing round 1 of a seven round fight. When the bell rung for round 2, they didn't come out working a jab, they came out throwing haymakers. How sweet was it watching Devin Harris, Josh Howard, and Jason Terry running a 3-on-2 fastbreak? How weird was it seeing Dirk force Parker and Ginobili to miss lay-ups? How awesome was it watching the Mavs get a defensive rebound and seeing Avery Johnson move his right arm in a frantic circular motion to move the ball faster? And how funny was it seeing Nick Van Exel get ejected and yell "&%$# you" at the refs? And that was all in the first half. I was fine with a cruise control second half. If the Mavs started forcing a bigger lead, they could have very easily lost it.

What should we expect to see in Game 3? Well, I think Reggie Miller (not surprisingly my favorite color analyst) hit the nail right on the head when he said that the Spurs have a bunker mentality and will come back with a vengance on Saturday. After being embarrassed at home, they are going to want to return the favor. So, it's time for the Mavs to bear down and hold homecourt.

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