Friday, April 28, 2006

More About This Series

Game 2 should have been a 25 point blowout, but the refs were obviously trying to make it close. How many offensive fouls can you call? Especially on plays with obvious flops! Anyway, Terry played possibly the best game I have ever seen him play. I can't think of a single mistake he made. And it was awesome to see the Mavs hold the Grizz to no field goals for close to 10 minutes. I was hoping it would go an entire quarter, which would have been ridiculous. At the end of the game, I was rooting for the Mavs to keep it under 80, and they did. Ah, to be a Mavs fan.

Here's where the Mavs are going to run into trouble. There are two factors at work:

Playing in Memphis: The series is going to change now that the Grizz have homecourt. The Mavs must adapt to the change of scenery. I have full faith that they can do so. But you have to remember, this is the Mavericks. We blew a double digit fourth quarter lead to the Suns in Dallas just a few weeks ago. They beat San Antonio on the road then proceeded to sh*t the bed in Golden State. So this game is no guarantee. Do I think it will be a win? Without a doubt. Do I think it will be close? Certainly. Do I see an important player not showing up when we need him (ahem, Diop/Dampier)? You betcha. This game won't be enjoyable for Mavs fans because even if Dallas wins, people will start to panic about how prepared the Mavs are for San Antonio. Now to my second factor...

I Will Be Hammered During the Game: I'm not posting that on the blog just to sound cool. If I wanted to sound cool, I would say that we bought 200 dollars worth of liquor and are starting to drink at 6 am. But I'm not going to make that public knowledge. What is no secret, however, is the fact that everytime I have ever drinken during a Mavs game, they have lost. In fact, the past two D-Days (Rochester's Spring Weekend), the Mavericks lost to the Kings and the Rockets in the playoffs. The sole loss to the Grizz and the first San Antonio loss occured when I was in an inebriated state. The 13 game winning streak ended in Denver when I decided to get drunk (Again, if I were trying to sound like a badass, I would have mentioned that I drank a baby keg of Heineken). Last year's elimination game against Phoenix happened when I got drunk. Those are the only times that I've gotten drunk either before or during a Mavs game. So if luck tells us anything, the Mavs will lose because I will be hammered by 5:30. Despite all this, I will take no blame for any loss because I'll sacrifice a loss to the Grizz to have a good time.

Then again, I think the whole curse will end if a lady Mavs fan is willing to keep me company tomorrow.

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Lifshen said...

I think the game tonight was great. I loved the Dirk/Warrick fight in the beginning. What worries me was the inconsistancy of the offense to function when Dirk is missing shots. Thank God for terry (and 16 i believe for J Howard) or we woulda been dead. How sick was that Dirk 3 to send the game into OT?? I was going nuts. He is truly stepping up as a leader who (pretty) singlehandedly can win a game in crunch time. Prediction for game 4 and eventual matchup with the Spurs?