Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mavericks Playoff Preview

Before I jump into this thing, I'm going to let everyone know that this blog will be all about the NBA with a heavy Mavericks slant. I have deleted everything on this blog not having to do with basketball except for the 90210 post because that thing took forever to write, and I couldn't justify it's deletion.

And away we go...

Now that we've established all the wrong in my preseason and mid-season entries on the Mavericks, let's put the past behind us and concentrate on what's going to happen between now and late June.

You will never read a single complaint about the NBA seeding system in this entry. The NBA is completely justified in not changing the rules when you have two 60-win teams on a collision course for the second round. They wouldn't change the rules to benefit one team, but in this case, the rule change would benefit many teams. AND a few years ago, they changed the rules about length of first round series for the sole purpose of helping out the Lakers. But I won't complain about that here. If you have complaints, then close this window because I will hear nothing about how badly the NBA has botched the Western Conference playoffs.

The seeding for the playoffs has not affected the Mavericks nearly as much as it affected the Grizzlies. I actually feel worse for the Grizz than I do for the Mavericks because I would like them to win a series because well, they epitomized sucktitude for so many years, and it's nice to see a bad team become good. Unfortunately for the Grizz, that will not happen. I don't even think the Mavericks will let them win a game. In fact, I'm gonna say that there is a 10 percent chance that this series goes 3 games and the NBA enacts the mercy rule. Well, may be not that far, but the Mavericks are a far superior team. Let's break this thing down in quick form.

Chucky Atkins vs. Jason Terry Advantage: Mavs

Eddie Jones vs. Adrian Griffin Advantage: Mavs (and I can back that up)

Shane Battier vs. Josh Howard Advantage: Mavs

Pau Gasol vs. Dirk Nowitzki Advanatge: Mavs

Lorezen Wright vs. Desagana Diop Advantage: Mavs

That's just the starting 5. Add in the deepest bench in the league with Jerry Stackhouse, Erick Dampier, Devin Harris, Marquis Daniels, and I'll even say Darrel Armstrong and DJ Mbenga, the series shouldn't be close. So what is my prediction? In at least two games, the Mavericks will light up the Grizzlies Michael Vaughn style (for all you Alias fans).

Mavs in 4

As for the rest of the league, there are only three, may be four, series where the winner has yet to be determined.

If Lebron averages a triple double every game, then the Cavs will win in 4. If Lebron plays at 'Bron 'Bron level, and he's supported nicely by Larry Hughes and Flip Murray, then the Cavs win in 7. If Eddie Jordan quits coaching the Wizards in the middle of the series, Washington will win in 7.

After the Pacers game today, their bandwagon will be at full force. Unfortunately, they are the Pacers, and they have terrible chemistry and questionable coaching. How do you not have Peja Stojakovic in a tie game with thirty seconds left? The guy can hit a shot from anywhere on the court, and he's a sick free throw shooter to boot. Nets still take this despite Vince Carter.

I could care less who wins the Nuggets/Clippers series because I don't like the Nuggets, and though I understand what the Clippers did at the end of the season, I still don't appreciate it. I wanted to see the Mavericks pancake them. My prediction is that a team is going to win and get destroyed by the...

Kobe Bryant will score 60 points in a game against the Suns. The Suns will get blown out by the Lakers in a game back in LA. And the Lakers will prevail as long as they defend the 3. That's all they have to do. DEFEND the 3!

In case it isn't obvious, Pistons, Heat, Mavs, Spurs, all advance. And I'll still stick with the Mavs/Heat final I have been saying all season. And if you think Miami can't make it, just watch Shaq when they play the Nets. It's going to be insane. And then he and Wade will pick apart the Pistons. It will be fun to watch.

Mavs over Heat.

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